After 22 years of showing Edinburgh how to party hard without listening to mainstream drivel, run independently by our studio 24 family, it’s unfortunately time for Studio 24 to call it a day. We’ll be closing in June!

For years we’ve fought the good fight, giving a place for lovers of underground music somewhere where they feel safe in a friendly environment surrounded by staff who genuinely care about the music playing, the atmosphere and making sure the customers feel the same love.

We are gutted that we have had to come to this decision but with years of investing thousands upon thousands in soundproofing/ legal fees in order to stay open, alongside complaining neighbours/ harsh council enforced sound restrictions, we feel that these problems will not leave us, with recently more complaints received from our neighbours and no real support from license standards officers. Having recently been told told that another license hearing could be looming, therefore threatening our ability to stay open to the public.

We feel that it’s better to jump than be pushed, and perhaps us leaving the entertainment circuit in Edinburgh might make the powers that be realise that a shake-up of how a capital city’s music scene should be supported. Calton Road once pulsed with music – from The Venue, to The Bongo on New Street to Studio 24. This part of the Old Town is almost silenced now. It’s the heart of the city, but the beat has been silenced. We can understand the reasons why.

As Irvine Welsh once wrote:

“But ah cannae even endorse these sentiments as they are at best peripheral tae the moment.”

― Trainspotting

All we can say is it’s been an absolute blast! To all the staff and promoters who have supported us over the years we owe a great deal of gratitude and most importantly to you, the fans, who have jumped, danced, partied and let your hair down at our iconic venue, we say a massive thank you. We love each and every one of you.

We are gonna miss the hell out of this building and you guys.

The studio 24 family. Big LOVE!!! xxxx

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